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Board Books

Board books have played a vital role in our children's love for reading. Giving children board books alleviates the fear that they will completely destroy them with the first touch, while giving them freedom to explore. Board books for young kiddos evoke a natural curiosity about reading, sequencing and learning.

Usborne has several series of board books! I will link several youtube reviews to specific series, so you can check them out in more detail if you desire!

Usborne Little Peek-Through Books are tactile, fun, colorful and show how things in nature can look similar. Check out more examples on Youtube here.

Usborne Find-Its are cute little board books for littles to have a first time experience identifying specific items- at first with their eyes if they are really little, and then by pointing!

To view more on youtube, click here.

Usborne Baby's Very First Touchy Feely Books. My daughter loves our little touch-feely book! These are a must-have four our bedtime routine! For more previews on Youtube click here.

Usborne Colorful World Series- This is an early find the difference series, but honestly, my five-year-old is enjoying them as well! Check out more of the series on Youtube here.

We love the That's Not My series of touchy feely books too! I have previously posted about these and you can check out what I had to say about them here. The Youtube link to view more is there as well.

To be honest, Goodnight, Chameleon is one of my all time favorite books to read with my daughter before bed. There is something about the bold color scheme and the felt lift the flaps that really calms me down, no lie. That's probably just me, but boy I sure do wish there were more types of these. From my understanding, at this point there is just one other in this series, Goodnight Owl. Click here to get a better preview on Youtube.

First feelings board books are another good option for kids of all ages to start helping our kids better understand themselves and things they can do to help them get through difficult situations. See more on Youtube.

These star in your own story books are a cute and fun way to personalize your children's reading experience! More on youtube here!

Usborne Little Board Book Series is another series that puts sturdy, fun, clever books in the hands of our kiddos! Check out more on youtube here.

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