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Picture Books

Who doesn't love to cuddle up with their littles, and not-so-littles to enjoy a good story and captivating pictures? On par with every thing else you can expect with Usborne, these books are a true delight. Such careful and thoughtful attention has been put into the illustrations and enjoyable plot lines. I would recommend all of these books. A few things to note about the selections below:

Boy: Is about a hearing impaired boy who unintentionally helps to end a conflict.

Also an Animal: reads similarly to Runaway Bunny, but the pages are very thick and waterproof. I love this one.

Across the Savannah: Pop out book!

The Biggest Story: A clever book about creativity featuring a precious character of color.

The one I love the best: Nibbles. More below.

Nibbles is a precious book monster who enjoys nibbling lots of things but mostly books. This brilliant book is appealing to kids of all ages (including adults) similarly to modern animation films.

This book is sure to be unlike a picture book you have read before. There are interactive flaps (opening Nibbles crate) in addition to my personal favorite, miniature books throughout the book that have stories that Nibbles hijacks as he nibbles his way through them. This is a book truly unique and fun. I laughed all the way through.

You can preview more about Nibbles and other fun picture books available through Usborne by looking on youtube here.

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