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Puzzle books, paint books and more

Usborne has the most lovely, fun, creative and engaging activity books. From painting, to coloring, coloring by number, mindfulness, art prompt, sketch books, puzzle books, sticker books and more, one would be hard pressed not to find something a kiddo would enjoy!

The books I have are sincerely only a drop in the bucket of what the website has available. I like to take pictures and post them here as I do not think the website adequately helps people see the quality and diversity of their books!

I am teaching my son K this year, so I'm very happy to have a unique and fun way to incorporate number recognition without him knowing he's working!

Usborne Magic Painting Books are wonderful for young kids, as they require only water! The books come with a paintbrush and a fold down flap to put in between pages when painting so the water does not seep through to the other pages.

There are many options of these books as well- check out additional examples on Youtube, here!

The laminated back cover folds under the page being painted, picture below.

This is a stunning rub-down transfer book. I bought this because it was on special, but will likely give it as a gift, as my daughter is years and years away from being able to enjoy this.

Transfer art is tucked neatly in a pocket in the front of the book.

Pages to use with transfer art.

New to me, not to many, Usborne Sticker Books are a huge favorite by all who have used them. I am really excited about using this book with my son to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

To see more examples of Usborne Sticker Books on Youtube click here.

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