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Wipe-Clean Books- A fun way to build skills

Wipe-Clean books can be added to the list of things I wouldn't have naturally been drawn to on my own. A friend of mine shared them as a resource that she was going to be using for her son, and I decided to check a few out. Upon arrival of the first few, and after seeing how excited my son was to use them to write with more than paper, we have become big fans/collectors of this resource!

Although I am a former teacher, I have never taught Kindergarten, or taught children how to write. I had no idea how frustrating a process this could be. My son is a young 5, and I find that though he seems to really be doing great academically with comprehension, he is frustrated easily by the fine motor skills that come with writing on paper. He gets quickly discouraged when he makes mistakes on paper. Dry erase activities like these help build his skills, make mistakes very easy to fix, and increase his confidence and ability to enjoy the process!

Here are a few excerpts from the Pen-Control and First Numbers books:

The Key Skills pack I purchased came with the four books below. Because I purchased as a pack of four, they came with 2 wipe-clean markers for the whole pack. These markers were a bit longer and thinner than the ones that came with the above books. You can tell that this skills pack is targeted for kids who are older (I'm thinking 1st grade or a kindergartener who is comfortable writing with a normal width pencil) or who have more comfort with writing, as the thinner markers are a bit harder for new writers to use. I still plan to use some of these this year for my son in Kindergarten, but will swap out the thinner dry erase marker for the thicker one.

To view more Wipe-Clean books and previews, visit youtube here.

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